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Kiss me Goodnight

Seed Pods, Plexiglass, Reclaimed Fabric, Steel

I have been collecting seed pods from pine cones for a few weeks, and trying to figure out my attachment to them. I carefully extracted them from the pine cones using tweezers. They have to be treated very gently, my fingers shake fearing their fragility, I imbue them with my time and care. Through this meditative process I am trying to understand how each decision I make will send endless ripples into the world. For this piece I am  trapping fertility, extracting each seed from its mother. My work is tedious but I am comfortable with the friendly shape of pine cones resting in my palms. I trap myself with them. Our bodies are swathed in transparency, connected to one another through breath. The pods soon grow tired, their wings sticky from condensation. We are both so tired. So tired of trying and breathing and pushing against the walls to not avail. I am all out of breath. Our moment, our shared breath has ended. 

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