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Breathe With Me

Wood, Latex, Humans

I think a lot about breath and the power of breathing. Breathing is something that we do intrinsically, a constant internal rhythm that keeps us alive. I want to ask the question, how does examining your own breathing make you feel? 

You can understand so much of someone’s mental state through the breath; the pace, the depth, the sound. Warm breath can be alluring or threatening, all depending on the circumstance. I wanted to create a comfortable environment in which I can invite participants to focus on breath. I used my own breath as an auditory anchor, and my hands as an expression of my care, caressing and embracing the object surrounding the participant. My goal was to provide a transcendental, liminal space for my participants to focus on the very minute sounds of breath and subsequently, vibration as a form of communication. 

I intended to invite my audience to examine their own breath in tandem with others, and to provide a calming, meditative experience. My intention does not matter so much though, I give my participants free will to understand, and examine this experience via their own unique perspective.

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